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$4.89 a sq. ft. Installed.

  • Plantation Plank Collection
  • 6" x 48"
  • Waterproof
  • Available in 10 different colors

If you rather to purchase your Luxury Vinyl Plank floor at any other place there is no problem, we can still install it for you. We will give you the list of materials necessary and help you to get the exactly products for your project.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is a high tech piece of vinyl material that replicates laminate flooring with realistic hardwood visual. Unlike  real hardwood and laminate floors the vinyl plank is water resistant, making it a great choice for basements, bathrooms, laundries and kitchen where moisture and water spills are most common.


Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank

  • Water resistant,
  • Easy to maintain,
  • Wide variety of design options,
  • It can be installed over most types of floors requiring less floor preparation,
  • It can be glued or floated direct to the floor with or without underlayment,
  • Its locking system technology make it easy and fast to install.

Luxury Vinyl floors are easy to install. You can do yourself like many retail stores and online articles suggest, but choosing a professional service is a wise decision to help you save money and stress while ensuring the beauty of the details that only a professional installation can provide.

It's important to have Luxury Vinyl Plank done by a professional to prevent some future problems,  such as unleveled surfaces and defected boards.

The experts at Like a Puzzle Flooring are trained in the best techniques for Vinyl Plank floor installation to provide you with the best quality possible. We strive to leave every client highly satisfied while providing all clients with affordable, competitive prices.

Luxury Vinyl Plank floors also offer anti-allergen properties, making it a better option than carpet for allergy-sufferers. It is also a popular option in apartments as it can be installed using a cork underlayment that soundproofs between floor levels.

Like a Puzzle Flooring offers Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, professional service, and great savings. Want to learn more about our laminate flooring? Contact us today!